Welcome to Gym28 Astley, Greater Manchester.

Well what can we say, the Gym has undergone some changes over the past year or so and we are immensely proud of the hard work and effort made by our amazing team that have provided vital fitness resources and support network for our members. Talking of members it is amazing to know that we are the choice for so many local and not so local people who picked Gym28 as their 1st choice, for us that's a job well done but it doesn't stop there.

We have regular Spin Classes, Combat Fit and Boot Camps as well as various other events that happen through-out the year but our regular classes always have a fantastic attendance rate and people just keep coming back for more.

Our facilities are well maintained, machines are regularly cleaned and serviced and our Gym is always cared for by a fantastic team behind the scenes and on the frontline. We have skilled personal trainers, nutrition advice, training programmes and everything you need to get fit, stay fit and become a strong, healthy individual that will not only transform you but your lifestyle.

Thank you for choosing Gym28, we are proud to be Astley's Premier Gym of choice and look forward to seeing you soon.

Thursday, 23 February 2017